Elevate Your Pet's Health with Our Convenient Booking Options

Appointment Scheduling Procedures

  • Telephone Consultation: For a tailored consultation experience, please contact us at 9890 1728.
  • Digital Reservation: Should you prefer an online interaction, you may click here to secure your appointment digitally.

Types of Consultations

  • Standard Consultation: Suited for routine examinations, these consultations are allocated a 15-minute duration.
  • Extended Consultation: Designed for pets requiring comprehensive care due to multiple or intricate health concerns, these consultations are allocated a 30-minute duration.

Special Circumstances

  • New Additions: For clients introducing a new puppy or kitten to their household, we offer an extended, double-length appointment to ensure a thorough consultation.
  • Complex Health Issues: Should your pet have multiple or intricate health concerns, kindly inform us prior to your appointment to allocate an extended consultation period.

Emergency Services

  • During operational hours, emergency cases are given immediate attention. We recommend a preliminary phone call to expedite the preparation process.

Walk-in Policy

  • While we strive to accommodate walk-in clients, we may suggest rescheduling to a more opportune time to ensure focused and unhurried care for your pet.

Weekend Surcharge

  • Be advised that consultations scheduled for Saturdays incur a nominal additional fee.

Cancellation Fees

  • Cancellations made within the notification period will incur a fee.

No-Show Policy

  • Failure to attend a scheduled appointment without prior notice will result in a full consultation charge