Pre-Anaesthetic Blood Testing

Should your pet have a blood test before an anaesthetic?

At Mont Albert Vet we offer the option of doing pre-anaesthetic blood tests for any of our patients having an anaesthetic for surgery or dentistry. These tests allows us to check the health of your pet more thoroughly than is possible with a physical exam. Sometimes pets can have conditions which could affect the safety of an anaesthetic and recovery afterwards. Also, pre-anaesthetic blood tests will sometimes uncover previously undiagnosed diseases, especially in older pets.

These tests are run on specialised blood analysers at our surgery and can be done on the same day as the anaesthetic. There is an extra cost for pre-anaesthetic blood testing which we can discuss with you at the time of your consultation or on the day of the procedure.

The tests we run at Mont Albert Vet check a number of things including:

  • Kidney function
  • Liver function
  • Protein levels
  • Blood sugar (to check for diabetes)
  • Red blood cell volume (to check for anaemia).

Many of the patients we test have normal results and we can get on with their anaesthetic as planned. If abnormal results are found, they may just need some changes to their anaesthetic plan. For example, in the case of early kidney disease, we will usually use intravenous fluids during the whole anaesthetic to protect the kidneys. Occasionally we may see results that indicate that an anaesthetic would be too dangerous and is best put off until the problem has been dealt with.

Pre-anaesthetic blood testing is one of the reasons that anaesthetics are now much safer than they used to be in the past.