Ophthalmic (Eye) Surgery

Ophthalmic surgery

Ophthalmic surgery is surgical treatment of a pet’s eyes.

Eye examinations require specific equipment such as an ophthalmoscope, a magnifying light to look into the eye. Our veterinarians may also use a special dye called fluorescein to identify damage to the cornea (the clear layer at the front of the eye). 

Many eye conditions can be treated medically but certain conditions may require surgery.

Dr Alain Marc at Mont Albert Vet has a special interest and advanced training in eye diseases and our clinic offers the following eye surgeries:

  • Entropion surgery to prevent ocular damage from inward pointing eye lashes/eyelids

  • Ectropion surgery to correct outward facing lower eyelids

  • Eyelid tumour removal

  • Cherry eye surgery to correct a protruding third eyelid in dogs

  • Surgery to repair corneal ulcers (ulcers on the eye surface)

  • Enucleation (removal) of the eye for severe glaucoma or cancer cases

Some of these surgeries require the use of an operating microscope. This forms part of the equipment we use at Mont Albert Vet.

We may refer your pet to a specialist veterinary ophthalmologist for more specialised procedures such as eye ultrasound, vision testing or cataract removal.


Dr Alain Marc performing ophthalmic surgery (Photo: Cathie Macdermott)